Pipe beveling

Easy-to-fit pipe welding with pipe bevelling machine

The future of pipe welding for high pressure pipes

Nowadays Pipe welding is still a job for well skilled specialists. To adjust the pipe, to make a good weld preparation and finally to achieve a perfect weld seam for the pipe junction in terms of quality is a sophisticated challenge.


Especially for high pressure pipes, even if these specialists are available, it is a complicate, time consuming and expansive operation. For highEasy to fit wall-thickness pipe still mistakes can happen to specialists and create a lot of additional work in the factory or on-site.


Easy to fit is the new welding solution for pipes and fittings, which enables considerable savings throughout the supply chain and can thereby boost the profit in the pipe welding process. The idea of this pipe prepping system has been developed by Erne Fittings in Austria for fitting solutions. In cooperation with DWT in Germany the perfect tools for portable pipe bevelling machines have been developed.


Scientific research by the German University in Chemnitz and by the government welding institute SLV Halle confirm, that the properties of the Easy-to-Fit weld seam are equivalent to or even better than conventional V-welds. Either for automated welding or manual pipe welding the system is simply perfect and the gap-free root can easily be TIG welded.


The first connection which saves more money than it costs


Easy to fit pipe weldingEasy-to-Fit is a small investment in an intelligent pipe prepping system which ensures greater efficiency, profitability and indeed process stability. Especially for automatic pipe welding the weld end preparation is very complex. The welded joints require a weld gap with very narrow margins. Also the misalignment between root faces must be reduced to a minimum. This requires major effort to adjust and position parts as the margins allowed by the standards are so large that there is always misalignment. But also for manual pipe welding the system creates huge benefits.

Easy to fit means "ready to weld", no matter whether you weld automated or manually and depending on the process up to 50% savings are possible:

Pipe bevelers - Made in Germany

All machines are used for on-site boiler tube repair and end prepping of finned tubes for water wall panels as well as for high pressure boiler components and single boiler tubes. The pipe beveler has a high metal removal rate, is easy to handle and constructed in a rugged and compact way. The machines have been developed by the boiler manufacturer BABCOCK for the need of their own maintenance people on-site. Their high working speed and quick readiness for use allow economic steam boiler manufacturing and steam boiler maintenance.

  • Clamping Range OD-OD: 0,47-1,75" (12-44,5 mm)
    Working Range ID-OD: 0,35-1,75" (9-44,5 mm)
    Pipe wall thickness: Max. 10 mm

  • Clamping Range OD-OD: 1,74-3,5" (48,3-88,9mm)
    Working Range ID-OD: 1,18-3,5" (30-88,9mm)
    Pipe wall thickness: Max. 10 mm
  • MF2-25

    Clamping Range OD-OD: 0,79 - 1,50" (20-38 mm)
    Working Range ID-OD: 0,31 - 1,50" (8-38 mm)
    Pipe wall thickness: Max. 15 mm

  • Clamping Range OD-OD: 0,79 - 2,5" (20-63,5 mm)
    Working Range ID-OD: 0,49 - 2,5" (12,5-63,5 mm)
    Pipe wall thickness: Max. 15 mm

  • Clamping Range OD-OD: 0,79-3,00" (20-76,1 mm)
    Working Range ID-OD: 0,50-3,00" (12,5-76,1 mm)
    Pipe wall thickness: Max. 15 mm

  • Clamping Range OD-OD: 1,50 - 5,33" (38-133 mm)
    Working Range ID-OD: 0,94 - 5,33" (25-133 mm)
    Pipe wall thickness: Max. 25 mm

Pipe beveling machines

Our portfolio of portable pipe beveling machines for mechanical pipe edge preparation and orbital welding makes the job easy to be done on-site or in the workshop. The pipe beveling machine is fixed on the workpiece with an inside or outside clamping mechanism. It is operated by one welder, who gives a manual feed to the pipe beveling machine with a lever, ratchet or turnstile. Two or more cutters are fixed in the blade holder. The speed of is adjustable and depends on material, wall thickness and diameter

  • Clamping Range ID-ID: 0,433 - 0,866" (11-22 mm)
    Working Range ID-OD: 0,433 - 1,102" (11-28 mm)

  • Clamping Range ID-ID: 0,984 - 3,779" (25-96 mm)
    Working Range ID-OD: 0,984 - 4,488" (25-114 mm)

  • Clamping Range ID-ID: 1,574-5,984" (40-152 mm)
    Working Range ID-OD: 1,063-6,614" (27-168 mm)

  • Clamping Range ID-ID: 2,283-8,543" (58-217 mm)
    Working Range ID-OD: 2,283-8,626" (58-219 mm)

  • Clamping Range ID-ID: 3,94-12,598"(100-320mm)
    Working Range ID-OD: 3,94-13,070"(100-332mm)

  • Clamping Range ID-ID:11,02-27,60" (280-700mm)
    Working Range ID-OD:11,02-27,99" (280-711mm)

Elbow Beveling Machines

The portable elbow beveling machine is add on to our pipe beveling machines and exclusively used for beveling or internal bevelling of pipe elbows for production or repairs. Liners hold the machine in place while fitting the elbow to the pipe. Dimension scale on the liners make centering easy. With the standard liners it is possible to install the mandrel close to the pipe end. With the help of additional liner extension bits mandrel can be installed deeper for beveling the inside diameter of the pipe.

Pipe Chamfering Machine

Weld edge preparation done in seconds

The pipe chamfering machine is used for stationary and machinery pipe bevelling all kinds of tubes with high wall thickness. The rugged and rigid machine construction combined with heavy guides of the MFS series makes it the most stable and accurate machine on the market. By minimal material handling and easy use, the process time is kept to an absolute minimum.

The performance of the stationary chamfering machines determines the choice of a machine. It is the fastest working machine for machining (thick-walled) pipes made from duplex, stainless steel or hasteloy, for example. The minimal handling of materials required and the very short machining time make the MFS to some of the fastest on the market.

The MFS is an example of a machine that has been developed over the years to get the best possible quality machine for the end users. Every tube bevelling process is exactly the same, a welding robot will not find any irregularities. Thanks to a smart prism clamp, the pipe chamfering machine does not have changeover times. Together with optimum ease-of-use, this means ultra-short machining times and maximum efficiency.


Tools for Pipe Beveler

Perfect tools as tool bits, inserts, insert holders, tools holders and boiler tube fin removal tools cover all weld prep applications. Out tools for pipe beveler are manufactured of high quality premium tool steel and made in Germany. 

  • Tool Holders for pipe beveler
  • Fin Removal Tools (Comming Soon)

    Tools for beveling of the boiler tube panel and preparing of heat exchanger

Boiler Pipe Manufacturer Seminar

Due to the increasing demand of manufacturing know-how in the energy sector the company DWT, Germany has announced for the first time in the year 2008 a boiler pipe manufacturer seminar. DWT is manufacturer of pipe and boiler panel wall beveling machines and produces under the brand name DWT BABCOCK. In cooperation with other professional suppliers of the power generating industries, like:
Visitors: 127,481